Sales Summary

If you go under TRANSACTIONS > SALES SUMMARY, you'll see Sales Summary.

Here, you also have the ability to filter through your sales:

Sales Summary is important to discuss as its functionality is sometimes confused with the Revenue Report.

By default, Sales Summary is going to include both PAID and UNPAID (ALL) transactions recorded. In contrast, Revenue Report is only calculating PAID transactions.

Therefore, the important difference between the Sales Summary and the Revenue Summary is the 'Fee Status' filter (shown below).

Many times we receive inquiries about why Revenue Summary report and Sales Summary reports are not the same - generally it is because the Sales Summary Fee Filter is set to 'ALL' and they are comparing it to the Revenue Summary (PAID).

If you set your Sales Summary 'Fee Status' filter to PAID, then your Revenue Summary and Sales Summary numbers will be equal.

If you are just wanting to run a standard Sales Summary report:

  • Select desired filters

  • Press 'FILTER' button

  • This will run the Sales Summary report - generated at the bottom of the screen (shown below)

  • 'EXPORT' report once generated (if desired)

If you press the 'EXPORT' button, you'll be given these options:

And that is a basic overview on how to navigate the Sales Summary feature in your CourtReserve platform!

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