In CourtReserve you can choose to use our basic disclosures, or use our advanced waivers with electronic signature.


Waivers with Signatures

CLICK HERE to view Waivers & Electronic Signatures

CLICK HERE to setup Waivers & Electronic Signatures

Creating Disclosures

  1. Go to Reservation Settings > Disclosures

2. From here, you'll be able to create a new disclosure type to be attached to reservations when your members go to 'Book a Court'

3. Create Disclosure - you can add text, images, links, etc.

4. 'Save & Close' and your new Reservation Disclosure has been created!

Attaching Disclosures

Now that we have created the Reservation Disclosure, we need to attach it to Court Reservations.

  1. Go to Portal Settings > Setup

2. Scroll until you see

3. Click on drop-down menu and select

4. Once selected, it will be saved in the Portal Settings when members go to 'Book a Court' for court reservations.

5. Go to the Member Portal and go create a reservation

Creating Event Disclosures

  1. You can also go to Event Settings > Disclosures to create/review your existing disclosures.

Attaching Disclosures to Events

  1. Go to EVENTS > Select Desired Event

2. Make sure you are under General Info tab and then scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the Additional Settings tab

3. Select the disclosure.

4. Now, when members go to register for this particular event, they will be prompted to check the box for the disclosure agreement:

NOTE: It is important to remember that when you go into to attach a disclosure type, it is for that specific event - it is not a default setting for events in general.

Sign-Up Forms

The sign-up form is for when new members join your club - it will appear when they are signing up before they submit the registration form:

  1. Go to SETTINGS > PORTAL SETTINGS > Sign-Up Form

2. From here, you'll see this screen where you can create the member sign-up application:

If you continue scrolling down, you'll see 'Disclosures Block'

  • Check the 'Display Disclosures' block to assign disclosures to the new member form

  • This is also a free form text box that you can "paste" your disclosure wording in


  • 'Disclosures' is where you can type out the desired disclosure(s) to attach to the sign-up form.

  • 'Display Disclosures' is where you would attach the Disclosure you just wrote to the sign-up form.

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