How will it look if members haven't paid for a previous invoice?

You cannot stack invoices.

If they don't pay the previous month, it will come up as 'VOIDED' on last month's invoice and the fees from the previous month's invoice, will be added onto THIS month's invoice.

Last month's fees + this month's fees = this month's invoice

Can we send invoices from an individual profile?

This is an upcoming feature.

We will allow you to generate invoices as well as generate statements for members' accounts. You will be able to do this at the member / player level.

Does 'Generate Invoice' trigger email to the member, or just give the notification on their account?

They will get an email when you generate the invoice.

They will also get an email when you collect. They will have a payment receipt in there as well.

Both the player and the admin will get email notifications if:

  • Payment declines

  • An echeck is 'returned' for insufficient refunds

What happens if the payment for an invoice is declined?

Both the player and the admin will get email notifications that the payment has been 'returned' or declined.

In this case, the system will:

  • Revert the invoice and mark it as UNPAID

  • Revert all the payment(s), setting all the fees back to UNPAID.

When an invoice is PAID, what does it look like on the member profile and on the court sheet?

We don't show invoices on the court sheet. Think of an invoice as just a 'container of fees.' It's really just a bunch of fees that you're paying all at one time.

Therefore, members will be able to see the details of their invoice on their profile under the BILLING > Invoices.

If we press 'DETAILS' we can see the actual invoice:

Does the 'Regenerate Invoices' option only show up when you are unsuccessful in collecting payments, or as soon as it's voided?

The Regenerate button only shows up for payments that are VOIDED, it does not show up for payment declines.

The reason it does not show up for payment declines, is because the invoice is still valid, the payment was just refused. This could be due to expired credit cards, etc. So we don't want to void anything just for payment declines.

Can you manually void an invoice?

Yes, you can just click the VIEW button here:

And then you can VOID this invoice:

The invoice will now appear as VOIDED, with the 'Regenerate' option above.

You will also have the 'Regenerate' option HERE, on the main page:

If players pay for a court reservation and it's on the invoice, what does it look like on the scheduler?

The reservation will appear just like anything else on the scheduler that has been paid, the dollar sign goes away and the red bar at the top goes away.

What happens if members don't pay their invoice by the due date?

Nothing will happen, it will basically just be in an 'UNPAID' state.

However, if you are billing for membership dues as part of that invoice, as part of your membership dues, if you have it set to say 'suspend account in X days,' and they have not paid within that timeframe, their account will be suspended until it is paid.

If you don't have membership dues on the invoice, then when you run the next batch, the system will just roll all of those unpaid charges into the new invoice.

Why can't members see the 'credit balances' on their itemized invoices or accounts?

We don’t show credits on invoices as that shows only fees that are owed. They can always log onto their member portal and see credits under the 'All Transactions' tab.

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