Creating a Self Check-In Kiosk

Kiosks generate a URL for the court(s) and reservation types you would like users (who are going to access the URL) to be able to book. Kiosks can be used on either ipads/tablets or normal desktop computers.

Once you have customized the kiosk and saved changes, you can copy the URL and paste into a new browser.

Setting Up Kiosk on Computer or Tablet

Copy the URL.

Paste the URL into a web browser and Enter your PIN CODE

Enter your PIN CODE

For MANUAL CHECK-IN Type in the Player #

The player can now scan their barcode or enter their player number and check-in

If you are using SCAN the BARCODE then open up mobile App

Player can open their mobile app and click on the barcode.

Player # located here too if needed.

Player Checks in for one Reservation and gets this message after scanning barcode.

Player Checks in for MULTIPLE Reservations and gets this message after scanning barcode.

NOTE: Player # can be found on the Member Detail tab and is also the Member #

Reviewing Check-Ins

To Review PAST CHECK-INS click the 3 dots and VIEW DETAILS

You can review Successful Check-Ins and Failed Check-Ins

You can review payment status and revert a Check-In if needed

You can review Failed Check-Ins

CHECK-IN ALERTS for Admins and Sub-Admins

You will need to go in and EDIT each ADMIN and SUB-ADMIN and give them permission to show Check-In alerts when logged in to the platform.

SETTING UP KIOSKS Now you can take the URL and copy from the KIOSKS page or from the front SETUP page. Just click COPY URL

Multiple Reservation Checks for one Player and also shows Reservations are UNPAID.

Notice Below only Reservation has an outstanding fee that is due.

Hardware for Self Check-In

We bought and tested the self check-in with this scanner here

In case this scanner is unavailable or on backorder, you can use any generic scanner that will read barcode/QR codes - CourtReserve does not have a brand specific scanner that you must buy.

Printing Labels

Go to print name tags or labels? Check out our tutorial video below on how to do so with Self Check-In Kiosk!

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