Only available to DecipherAg Plus or Biomass+ users

GeoTIFF files of yield data can be uploaded via MyData and viewed via the Yield tab.

Uploading your yield data with geoTIFF files.

- If you haven’t already, contact your account manager to activate Yield Data to access Yield Data functionality.
Note: there is no charge to upload geoTIFF file to your DecipherAg account. You will be able to create zones. However, the data will only be in a raw state and cannot be cleaned.
Click here to learn about Cleaned vs Raw Yield Data

- GeoTIFF files must be named using the following format. Spacing and characters are important.

o [Farm Name] [Year] – [Paddock] – Crop Yield.tiff

o Example: DecipherAg Farm 2020 – Windmill – Wheat Yield.tiff

- Select MyData on the top right, make sure you are in the Files tab

- Add a folder called Yield if there is not already one.

- Within the Yield Folder, create a folder for each Year you intend to upload data for. The year must be 4 characters. For example 2020.

- Within each Year folder, create a Folder for each Farm you intend to upload data for.

- Open the folder for the Farm within the Year that you will be uploading data for

- Select Upload Files on the right of the screen and upload your files.
Note: multiple files can be uploaded at the same time.

Tips and tricks:
Make sure your farm boundaries are set up in DecipherAg before uploading yield data. Read more on how to do this here.

Read more about Yield Data here:

Which Yield Monitors and File Types are supported?

What is the difference between Raw and Cleaned Data?

Yield FAQ's

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