Understanding Action Types

Which one do I use in my Protocol Template?

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It's important to consider the best Action Types to use when culturing your cells and building your Protocol Templates. The Action Type will tell the software what to do with your cells, vessels, and culture tracks.  

An Action represents a specific cell culture technique or method that you apply to some or all of your cells within a Culture Track. The Action Types provided in CultureTrax software include: Feed, Treat, Passage, Suspension Passage, Harvest, Live Assay, Endpoint Assay, Thaw, Cryopreserve, Isolate, Transfer, Transfect in Vessel, Isolate, Pick to Remove, Terminate, and No Action

Actions applied to cells within CultureTrax will either continue their vessels/wells to the next day or terminate those vessels/wells. For example, the Passage Action Type terminates your vessels/wells from the Culture Track and requires you to add new vessels/wells that creates a 'next' Culture Track.  To understand which Actions continue or terminate vessels, require new vessels, or create a new culture track you can reference the descriptions below.

  • Feed - Replace spent medium with fresh medium

  • Thaw - Re-animate cryopreserved cells and seed them into Vessels or Wells.
    Treat - A limited term (< 24 hour) addition of a special medium, small molecules or growth inhibitors applied to adherent or suspension cells to affect some change.

  • Passage - Manual or enzymatic lifting and transfer of adherent cells to new vessels or wells.

  • Suspension Passage - Transfer some or all of your suspension cells to new vessels/wells. 

  • Transfer - Transfer suspension cells to new vessels/wells into the same culture track

  • Harvest - Remove all cells from Vessels or Wells

  • Endpoint Assay - Perform an assay on cells which terminates them or requires their complete harvest.

  • Live Assay - A test performed on live cells directly in the Vessel or Wells

  • Isolate - Transfer repgrogrammed colonies or pick clones and transfer to wells in the same Culture Track.

  • Cryopreserve - Freezing back cells from vessel/wells into cryovials

  • Transfect - Reprogramming or editing cells directly in the vessel/well

  • Treat - A short-term addition of special medium, small molecule or growth factors to affect some change.

  • Pick to Remove - Ability to remove differentiated cells from culture

  • Terminate - Removes contaminated or otherwise un-needed vessel/wells from culture

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