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CultureTrax provides a solution for several problems faced by most lab groups โ€“ how to fully document critical protocols and recipes, keep them all up to date, and ensure everyone is using the most current version. The Libraries for Materials, Documents and Protocol Templates provide a centralized repository for these key resources.

If you're like many labs, your methods, media recipes, protocols and documents are stored across several notebooks, computers, folders and sticky notes. Or worse yet, the details are captured in one or a few lab members' heads.

Another issue for many labs is easily and accurately recording material specific data; lot information regarding media, treatments, matrix, etc. Information that can be vital to reproducing experiments, tracking problems, and filing intellectual property claims. The ability to create material lots and assign those lots to actions will go a long way toward alleviating some of these problems.

To get the most out of CultureTrax, you will need to translate your lab's methods into CultureTrax Protocol Templates. These are executable workflows that allow for easy planning, scheduling, and consistent execution of your lab's methods across all members of your team. Depending on where you are starting, this process can take some time, but the benefits are worth the effort.ย 

Here is the process that we recommend for getting your lab's methods and protocols into the CultureTrax site.

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