Protocol Template; Final Steps

Step 5: Setting the culture conditions, descriptions, and attributes

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There are only a few steps left to wrap up the Protocol Template


1. Starting Culture Conditions are defaulted to standard PSC culture conditions, but can be edited in this section.
2. All account types except User have the ability to share the Protocol Template with other lab members (it will be tagged with 'Lab') or keeping it designated for personal use. If you have a User account status you do not have this option and all Protocol Templates you create will be for personal use only. (Note: any Protocol Templates you create as a User can be edited later for 'Lab' sharing if your account status is elevated. This status change of a Protocol Template from personal to 'Lab' would also elevate any associated materials used in that Protocol Template to 'Lab' shared materials. PI/Director and Administrator personas can edit an account status - see Adding and Managing Lab Members)


3. Add an optional description in the rich text editor to provide information about the Protocol Template.

4. Click 'Save' and you're done! (If you want to finish later, you can click 'Save Draft' and your Protocol Template will not be shared with other lab members until you 'Edit' and 'Save' the draft.)

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