Do you want to analyze the behavior of each object? You can export raw telemetry data of each detected object to a .CSV file, where you can get information about position, speed, acceleration, and other useful information for each millisecond of the video needed for further analysis.

To export raw telemetry data, go to Analysis - Export Trajectories to CSV File or click the icon on the main toolbar. Choose what kind of data you do want to export and submit your requirements for the export.

Once you export data to .CSV file, you can open the file by Microsoft Excel. Now you can see the following document.

The extracted file includes information about objects and their trajectories defined by:

  • Track ID and Type of object - Unique ID and type of identified object.

  • Entry Gate and its Entry Time [s] - Exact time when the vehicle passed through the entry gate that you have set.

  • Exit Gate and its Exit Time [s] - Exact Time when the vehicle passed through the exit gate that you have set.

  • Traveled Dist. [m] and Its Avg. Speed [km/h] - Traveled distance and average speed between gates.

And the following columns are repeated for each frame of the video. Each set of columns interprets one frame of the video when the vehicle was moving between set entry and exit gate.

  • Trajectory - x [deg], y [deg] - Position of the object within UTM or WGS84 system (based on your settings).

  • Speed [km/h] - Speed of an object at a specific moment.

  • Tan. Acc. [ms-2], Lat. Acc. [ms-2] - Tangential and Lateral acceleration of the object at a specific moment.

  • Time [s] - Seconds from the beginning of the video, where the position, speed, and acceleration of the vehicle are measured.

  • Angle [rad] - Vehicle angle for each exported position of a Trajectory.

  • Traffic Regions (list) - Information about which Traffic Region a given Trajectory belongs to. This can be used for further analysis, e.g. if you define Traffic Regions as a road lane, you can detect the moment when a vehicle has moved from one lane to another.

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