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"What if I have different roles at my school?"
"What if I have different roles at my school?"

Users only need one login to use DragonFly, even if you have multiple schools or roles at the same school.

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Here at DragonFly, we understand that your life can't be compartmentalized into a single role.  Nearly everyone at a school plays more than one role in that organization, including being a parent in many cases.  We have taken all of that into consideration and don't want to make things too complicated.

That's why we have set up DragonFly to understand that a user may have multiple roles.  When you sign-up for DragonFly, you create an account that can have multiple roles.  So if you need to be connected as a parent and a coach, you only need one account.

If you have signed up as a coach or school administrator first and you need to be a parent at the school or vice versa, simply ask a DragonFly administrator at your school to add the needed role to your account.

Note: If you are a DragonFly administrator, click here to see how to add or remove a role to your own account or for others.

Note: If you are trying to add a new role by joining a school you already are connected to in order to change your role, you will get the following error message:

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