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How do I submit forms to my association?
How do I submit forms to my association?

The Vault will enable you to complete and send digital forms to your association. No more printing, scanning or mailing!

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The Vault is a digital repository for all of your statewide forms, like Financial Reports and Sport Declarations. It enables you to fill out forms electronically and submit them to your state association. The Vault keeps a record of all your forms and their status, while allowing you to sort and filter.

Here's how to get started with the Vault:

1. Log in to DragonFly on your computer's web browser. Select 'Schools and People' from the left-side menu, then 'Vault' from the top menu.

2. Select the 'Fill Out a New Form' button in the top left corner. If your form appears in the drop-down menu, select that item and you will be redirected to that form. If you do not see the form you need in the list, select 'Fill out another form'.

3. Select the category from the top menu that describes your form. Then, select the form from the list and click the 'Start' button to open the form.

4. Fill out your form and click 'Sign & Complete' at the bottom to submit it to your association. Note: Once you click 'Sign & Complete' you will not be able to make changes. You can fill out a form and revisit it later before submitting it by clicking the back button in the top left corner. Your information will be autosaved.

5. Once your form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation message on your screen and be redirected to the Vault overview. You should see the form highlighted in the list, along with any other forms you have either started or submitted. To view a form, simply click on the item and it will appear in an overlay.

To filter your list by form type, select the search bar, then select 'Form' from the drop-down menu. You will see a list of your available forms and can select the specifc form you want to view in your summary list. Your columns may change depending on the information in the form.

To filter your list by status, select the search bar, then select 'Status' from the drop-down menu. Then choose either 'Started' or 'Completed' to see those specific forms in the list.

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