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How do I set up and fund my DragonFly Payments Account?
How do I set up and fund my DragonFly Payments Account?

Schools and associations that want to pay officials and game workers can add money to their payments account by ACH transfer or check.

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Your DragonFly Payments Account is where your organization's money is securely stored in the platform. If you've already set up and funded your Payments Account, click here for instructions on paying your officials and game workers.

1. Log in to DragonFly on your computer's web browser and select 'School Funds' or 'Organization Funds' in the left-side menu.

2. Select 'Manage Accounts' from the top menu bar.

3. Select the 'Add New Account' button in the top-right corner.

4. Choose the 'Bank Account' button. This will be the funding source for your DragonFly Payments Account. If you funded your account by mailing a check to DragonFly (Click to download funding sheet), skip to step number 7 below.

5. Complete each field with your bank account info. Be sure to select which people at your organization will have access to the account. You can give access to certain roles, like all Administrators, but we recommend giving access only to authorized individuals. Type an individual’s name to select their DragonFly account and grant access. Select 'Save' when completed.

DragonFly will verify that you have access to the bank account by making two micro-deposits into your bank account. These deposits will occur within 24-72 hours of setup. The amounts are under a dollar each and they will appear in your bank account journal with the description 'DragonFly Athlet Amts'.

Note: Keep in mind that the micro-deposits will be reversed and withdrawn from your account in one sum after your account has been verified.

6. Once you see the micro-deposits in your bank account within 24-72 hours of setup, return to your 'Manage Accounts' screen in DragonFly where you can enter each deposit amount and verify that you have access to the bank account.

7. Now that you verified your funding source, direct your attention to the 'Your DragonFly Payments Accounts' section. A Payments Account is where you can load funds onto the platform and organize your funds by sport, team, school, or organization. Click here to watch a quick explainer video and learn more.

You will see a default 'General Fund' payments account that has been provided for your organization. Select the drop-down arrow and 'Edit Payments Account' button to edit the name and permissions of this payments account.

8. Select 'Yes' to enable your payments account as a payment source. Be sure to add which individuals and/or roles at your organization will have access to both view and pay with the payments account. Once finished select the 'Save' button.

You will now need to preload your payments account with funds by either ACH transfer from your bank account, or by mailing a check to DragonFly. Both funding methods are free.

9. To fund your payments account by ACH transfer, select Accounts in the blue menu at the top of the screen.

10. Select the drop-down menu to choose which payments account you want to view and fund. Once you select your payments account, you will see your available balance and a journal of all transactions.

11. Select the 'Transfer Funds' button in the top-right corner of your payments account.

12. Select the funding source for your transfer and complete each additional field before selecting the 'Next' button.

13. Review the transfer summary and then select the 'Transfer' and 'Confirm' buttons to submit the funds transfer to your DragonFly Payments Account.

12. To fund your payments account by check, mail your check to DragonFly Athletics, P.O. Box 1153, Hartselle, AL 35640. CLICK HERE to be sure to download and include the funding sheet. If you need a copy of DragonFly's W-9, click here.

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