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Company Settings: Integrations
Company Settings: Integrations

This article will define integrations available.

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1. Click on Company Settings

Click on Company Settings

2. Click on Integrations

  1. Angi Leads: Paid leads pulled to Cold Leads. (Learn More)

  2. Zapier: Leads like Thumbtack, Facebook, Google pulled to Cold Leads (Learn More)

  3. Dope360: Direct Mail Marketing Automation Service & Platform. Integrates seamlessly with DripJobs to allow you to automate your Direct Mail outreach. (Learn More)

  4. CompanyCam: CompanyCam is a photo-sharing app that makes it easy to take, store, and share job-related photos. (Learn More)

  5. quickbooks: Sync all customers, invoices, payments, products / services, and vendors with your Quickbooks account. (Learn More)

  6. twilio: We use twilio to manage all SMS texting that goes through the platform. If you haven't already be sure Set Up a Paid Twilio Number & Complete A2P Registration to be in compliance with new government regulations.

Click on Integrations

3. After making changes, click on Save

After making changes, click on Save


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