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How to setup and customize your event to send automatic email notifications to your customers.

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Enabling email notifications for your events and services

You can enable emails and text notifications for your events and services. From the Dashboard, click on 'Edit' on your event and scroll to the Notifications section.

Easy Appointment Booking lets you notify your customers:

  • When they place a booking

  • When their booking is edited / rescheduled

  • A reminder email before their booking time (automatically sent)

  • A follow-up email sent after their booking concludes

We also allow you to send text notifications at these times.

Verifying and testing your email content

A) In the Settings > General > Email Notifications section, you can edit and see your email templates.

To verify your email templates work as expected, you should make a test booking. To do this, go to the Dashboard and click Add a Booking beside the event you want to take a booking for. Enter a valid email address!

Setting up Email Reminders

For all customers on our Standard & Pro Plans, automatic reminders are sent before customers attend your event. You can customize this reminder window from 24h to any time you wish up to 1h before the event begins.

Example: your customer books your event for Friday at 10am, they will receive an email notification the day before.

Setup: On your Dashboard, go to your Event > Manage and head to the Notifications section. You'll see checkboxes for the reminders set for your email and SMS, with a dropdown to select the timing on the right. Once complete, click "Update Notifications"

How do I customize the email?

Emails will contain the booking details (name, email, date, time) and your event notes, links and location will populate in the template

Here's an example email which dynamically shows these details

Email Addresses Used

The app has default email content in place. The following addresses are used

    1. Responses will go directly to the Availability Email assigned, while all bookings will cc the Store Admin email

      1. Booking A assigned to Availability 1 will email Availability 1 + Store Owner

      2. Booking B assigned to Availability 2 will email Availability 2 + Store Owner

    2. Note: emails can only be sent from today, not from the Shopify admin’s email account. However, customers on the Pro plan can have the Sender name be their business name, as shown below.

  1. To: Customer email

  2. cc: Store Admin Email, The Availability Email

    1. Store Admin: This email is identified from the store admin on the Shopify store. To change this email, head to Settings > Email & SMS and change the text above the email templates

    2. Availability Email: This email is identified from the Availability > Set hours > Contact email. For example if your Yoga Event is instructed by Ray, then Ray is on the Availability. The email would go to Ray. To change this email, head to Availability

  3. “Please reach out to”: Store Admin Email

    1. This email is identified from the store admin on the Shopify store.

    2. To change this email, head to Settings > Email Notifications and change the field in the email content that says {{shop_email}}

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