Availability and blocking off days

How to setup your and your team's availability and handle time off.

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To add or block off dates, head to the Availability tab of the app

How do availabilities work?

Each event must have at least 1 availability. If I set up my team member, Joe, to run a fitness class, I would set his availability (ie. 9:00-12:00) so customers can book with him.

I could also create two more events and can assign all 3 events to his one availability. In this case, if a customer books Joe for 10:00-11:00 for Event A, then Event B & C would be unavailable at 10am. We automatically determine when you are available to avoid double / incorrect bookings across events.

Regular occurring hours

Click on Availability > Set hours to set your weekly schedule. Say you need to be unavailable for the same time every week (ie. Every Wednesday morning) you can edit this time right here. Click Update Availability once complete.

NOTE: Schedules start and end on the 24h clock. 10am-1pm should be 10:00-13:00.

One-off days

If you only want to take bookings on individual days or you have to be away on a specific day (ie. a doctor's appointment) you can use Override Dates. Scroll to Date Overrides and add your date and time. Leave the time blank if you need the whole day off or add your start and end time to reflect when you are available.


What if I have a weekly schedule, but my event is only available for specific days?

Head to the Start & End Dates article to set up one time events!

How do I have bookings write to Google Calendar?

All of your bookings can be written to Google Calendar, see here

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