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Calendar time slots are not appearing correctly
Calendar time slots are not appearing correctly

No calendar timeslots are appearing, or timeslots are appearing incorrectly.

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If your Select a Time button is not appearing correctly, please visit this article. However if the button appears but no times are appearing, like the image below, then this article should help!

Timeslots are not appearing at all

  1. Event duration doesn't match with your Availability

    1. Example: Duration is 120 min (2h) and you are available from 9am-10am (1h)

    2. Solution: Make duration less than or equal to availability schedule. Reduce event duration to 1h, so that a 9am-10am slot is visible to your customer, or increase your availability to be 9:00-11:00 so that this timeslot appears

2. Availability of team member has not been assigned correctly

a. Example: A hiking trip event was assigned to a team member who does photography. Hiking trips are done by Joe, but you accidentally assigned it to Mary who has a completely different schedule

b. Solution: Go to event, scroll to Team Members and assign the member intended for this event

3. I connected my Google Calendar and now it is showing no time slots
(Pro customers only)

a. Example: Your Google Calendar is connected to an Availability and blocks out

the times you are busy

b. Solution: Update your main calendar or change the linked calendar on your

Availability to be no calendar in the dropdown

4. Start and End Dates are blocking out other dates

a. Example: Start and End Dates are Dec 1 & 2, but it's December 13 and you expect to see available times

b. Solution: Remove or edit the Start & End Dates (link)

5. Lead / cut-off time hides dates that you expect.

a. Example: Lead time set to 7 days and you expect dates to be seen for next week

b. Solution: Remove or edit the lead time (link)

Note: If you can't make the calendar appear starting on a specific date, use start and end times to decide what date to start showing the event (link)

Timeslots are appearing incorrectly (ie. :05)

By default the app maximizes timeslots (ie. at 11:03 with 2h of lead or cut-off time, the app will show 1:05 as the next slot). To avoid this, set the timeslot visibility to the top of the hour so it always shows at 9:00, 10:00 etc. Top of the hour + 30 minute so it shows 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, etc.

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