How to display your menu

Build your menu by adding courses, dishes and their descriptions

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There is a simple menu structure for you to fill out when creating your experience. The more information you include in your menu, the more excited your guests will be to eat it!

As well as English, you can create a menu in the following languages: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese (simplified and traditional).


✅ Write the title of each course - Starter? Main? Dessert?

✅ Followed by the name of your dish - Homemade pasta? My grandmother's pie recipe?

✅ Followed by the ingredients for each dish below


Only write 'Pasta', 'Pizza', 'Dessert'

Write everything in capital letters

❌ Forget any important dishes or ingredients

Top tips: It should be easy to read, informative and sound delicious!

✅ Examples:

Watch the following tutorial to find out how to design your menu:

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