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How to write the best title and description
How to write the best title and description

Follow our tips and examples for writing an intriguing title and description

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Having enough information on your experience page is important for attracting guests. Let them know what to expect and get them excited!

Start by asking yourself: What's unique and special about my experience? Which elements will wow my guests? This will guide you to write the best title and description for your experience.

The Title

Your title must be clear, specific, eye-catching, and informative. It should focus on the experience offering and include your key selling point. Ask yourself: What am I offering? Where am I offering it?

Most importantly, a guest should understand what the experience entails, just by reading the title.


✅ Italian Aperitivo with view of the Colosseum
✅ Rooftop Brunch Overlooking Santa Caterina Market

✅ Learn How to Make Chinese Dumplings in Shoreditch
❌Aperitivo Time
❌A Colorful Taste of Rome

❌Back To My Italian Roots

The good titles above hint at the activity, time of day, location, and unique selling point. NO ORIGINAL TITLES, NO POETRY.

The bad titles above do not inform the guest of anything - no time, place, hint of food or specific location.

Remember: your title should be eye-catching and unique!

The Experience Description

You have literally 1 millisecond to get someone's attention, so, your experience description should make it easy for guests to understand the best bits of your experience!

The ideal experience description is written in full sentences, in English, using the third person. We recommend you use the following structure:

  • Tagline sentence

  • Details of the experience

  • Wrapping sentence

Introduce your experience with a 'tagline' before going into more detail

This should capture the essence of your experience and make the guest curious to learn more. We recommend that it's no longer than 35 words.


✅ Discover the taste of traditional Italian favorites, followed by a refreshing Aperol Spritz on a Roman balcony with a panoramic view

Unique experience with my favorite dishes and a nice view

Go into more detail about what your guests can expect

The idea is to make guests think: 'I love the sound of that!' so you should write a detailed and enticing description of what the guests will experience.

What - What should the guests expect from your experience? What will the guests eat?

Who - Who is the host?

Where - Where are you hosting? What will the atmosphere be like? Why is it special?

A Call To Action - What are you inviting your guest to do?

We recommend writing 5-10 sentences and to keep the tone playful!

Wrap it up with something special or a reason why you would recommend the experience

See some ✅ examples of experience descriptions below:




Remember: your description should be detailed and enticing!

Please note, if your description or title changed and you didn't do it, it would be because a member of the Community Team optimized your experience. As Eatwith is a curated marketplace, where necessary, we will edit your experience page for the better. We might change the wording for SEO purposes, include some extra details or add highlights to make your experience stand out. All of this is for your benefit, so don't worry!

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