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What pictures/photos should I upload to make my experience attractive?
What pictures/photos should I upload to make my experience attractive?

Show your guests what your Eatwith experience will be like!

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Hook your guests with great pictures. As your guests scroll through the Eatwith experience page, they will initially judge your experience by its cover: the title and photos.

Photos play a very large role in motivating guests to book your experience. It helps them visualize your experience and feel invited. So, when it comes to your Eatwith experience, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Help us help you

Uploading a variety of high quality photos which capture people smiling, enjoying the food, cooking etc. will make it more likely that we promote your experience through Instagram or newsletters and add your experience to our partner platforms to gain exposure.

Do's and Don'ts

✅ Upload high quality photos capturing the food, people and space

✅ Show the magic of the moment - get pictures of guests enjoying themselves

✅ Tell a story with the photos on your profile

✅ Get creative with angles, lighting and colors

✅ Host a demo dinner party with friends and take pictures

✅ Make sure your photos represent your experience

✅ Upload at least 10 photos

❌ Use stock photos and pictures from the internet

❌ Upload blurry or wonky photos

❌ Upload duplicated photos

❌ Upload more than 20

How to make high quality photos

Get a photographer

Many of our hosts have had success reaching out to local or amateur photographers who are building their portfolios. Give them a free seat at your table in return for their work!

Do a demo event

If you are a new host, we suggest doing a 'demo' event. Invite your friends or family over, cook a meal and ask them to help you snap some photos that you can then upload to your profile!

Take pictures of guests enjoying the experience

Experiences with photos of guests enjoying themselves during the experience are more successful!

What photos do I take?

Of course, each experience is different and will require different sorts of photos.

For dinners, make sure to upload plenty of photos of the dishes you serve, the table setting and guests enjoying the meal!

For food tours, show us photos of the places your guests will visit, the food they will try and of your guests meeting and getting to know each other!

For cooking classes, think more along the lines of action. Snap shots of your guest as they make their own pizza, getting food out the oven or tasting their creations for the first time!

Generally, we recommend that all profiles include 3-5 shots of:

  • The food

  • The host and the cooking

  • The guests

  • The venue and space

  • The table and dining area

Types of food photos

All dishes and accompanying elements (sauces, salt, etc). Finer details (herbs, drizzle of oil, etc). Add a photo of spices or herbs when necessary to add a contrasting color. Shoot from different angles including from above, front on and profile.

Types of host/cooking photos

Be yourself! Whether that is playing the guitar, holding a camera, reading a book, singing...

Capture the action in the kitchen! Chopping, squeezing, grating, frying, baking, plating, dressing the dish - any action with color and energy that implies homemade.

Types of guest photos

Our research shows that photos with people in are key to attracting new guests and increasing your bookings!

Advise your guests that you will be taking photos to upload to your profile. Capture candid conversation, laughing, serving food and eating (but not chewing!). Shoot the welcome moment when the guest first enters. Make sure everything is as natural as possible, there's no need to stage it.

Types of table photos

Capture the details: cutlery, flowers, candles. Shoot the length of the table to show the spread of food, drink and hospitality. Shoot from above to capture multiple elements in the frame.

Types of venue/space photos

Capture as many angles as possible. Shoot the unique elements of a space that represent the personality of the host. Shoot all areas where guests might be -- kitchen, dining area, entrance, sitting room, rooftop, balcony. Capture the view, where relevant.

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