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Food safety and hygiene certifications for hosts
Food safety and hygiene certifications for hosts
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All Hosts will be recommended to have one of the following certificates: 

  • Food Safety & Hygiene Level 2 certificate (for food handlers) 

  • HACCP certificate. 

Hosts who are participating on our partner platforms will have to be certified with one of the two mentioned above.

Here you have a list of resources for taking an online course and get certified in your country:

Please note that only the HACCP certificate is valid for Italian hosts - here is the list of degrees that exempt hosts from taking the certificate

We recommend the 2nd or 3rd level of this course:

For other countries please follow your local certifications options.

How can I get the 'food safety certificated' badge on my profile?

  1. Prepare your food certificate copy

  2. Complete the information on this form

  3. The Community Team will verify the information provided and add the badge to your profile if everything is correct.

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