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How to display an experience on a partner site through Eatwith?
How to display an experience on a partner site through Eatwith?
Learn how to grow your audience through our partner sites
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Aside from social media and newsletters, displaying your experience on one of our online partner sites is the best way to promote your experience and grow your audience.

Who are Eatwith's partners and why should I join?

Eatwith has various online partners such as TripAdvisor, Marriott, Viator, Placepass and more. If you fit the criteria, we will display your experience on these sites and it will gain more exposure, reaching hundreds of members who will be able to view and book your experience! 

Eatwith also has offline partners (travel groups) who look for authentic experiences in venues where approximately 20- 40 people can be seated, depending on location. Partnering with one of our offline partners would guarantee you regular income during the summer months as you would host on a regular basis. If you have this capacity, or would like to learn more, please get in touch with us:

Online partners

Eatwith selects experiences for online partners depending on whether or not your experience meets the requirements.

The requirements for online partners:

  • High-quality photos and descriptions

  • A clear menu written in English

  • Instant Booking is enabled

  • Host has to speak English

  • Approximately 10 dates open per month

  • Agree to a 24h cancellation policy

  • A minimum of 1-2 guests

  • Set experiences and availabilities: the price, venue and availability is not changed every month

For food tours:

  • Needs a clear meeting point with directions

  • Include the number of stops and the location/neighborhood of the tour

Will I know if the booking comes from a partner? 

Yes, on the booking it will say 'Eatwith Partner' or the name of the partner.

How can I make my reviews more visible on the partners' platforms? 

  1. Collect as many reviews as possible on Eatwith and on the Partner page. Not sure how? Contact your Community Manager.

  2. Avoid letting booking requests expire, cancelling or rejecting bookings as much as possible.

Can I be removed from Partners' sites?

Yes, if you wish to remove your experience from our partners websites, please message your Community Manager or the Community Team at

If you close your calendar for an extended period, cancel bookings, let requests expire, or receive negative reviews, your experience may be removed from Partner sites by the Eatwith Community Team.

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