From cooking classes and food tours, to dinners, brunches and wine tastings, you can provide something for everyone, as long as each experience takes place during one singular day.

You can create as many different experiences as you want: 5 dinners? Why not! 1 brunch, 3 cooking classes and a cheese & wine tasting? Sign me up!

Intimate and unique: Lunch, brunch, dinner

Prepare your favorite homemade meal and invite guests to take a seat at your table. Feel free to share your life story or local anecdotes with your guests, teach them about your culture and traditions and of course give them some of your best tips to exploring the city! These experiences usually last 2-3 hours and include dessert and drinks.

Something a little lighter: Aperitif, picnic, tea, tasting

Looking to host your first experience and don't know where to start? Do you want to squeeze something in on a week night? Hosting a tasting or aperitif is a lovely way to get to know new people in a less stressful environment. They also tend to be shorter than a sit down meal or cooking class. Pick out your favorite bites or make the most popular drink of your region and serve it along with something special.

Hands-on and rewarding: Cooking class & meal

Host a 2-3 hour culinary experience where you teach your guests how to cook typical dishes and share your tips and techniques. This experience includes the class and all the ingredients for it. After effort comes comfort so you will be able to eat your meal with your guests!

Cooking classes can also include a local market tour first. You could show your guests where the ingredients are from and help them discover local delicacies. It’s also an opportunity to sample some food and meet local vendors.

Educational and delicious: Food Tour

A culinary walk to discover local food and local producers! You will guide your guests around a neighborhood, stopping at different shops (bakeries, wine shops, delis, bars…) and introducing them to the best regional products and local vendors!

Generally this experience includes food, drinks and transportation in the price. The duration of the tour may vary but you would need to pick a specific meeting point and, in your experience description, list the number of stops you will make throughout the tour.

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