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How do I become an Eatwith host?
How do I become an Eatwith host?
So you want to become an Eatwith host…
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Who can host?

The Eatwith community is made up of hosts from over 130+ countries who all share the same value: spreading their passion for food and entertainment. From homecooks to Michelin-trained chefs, Eatwith hosts welcome guests in their home and exclusive venues of their choice.

What can I host?

From dinner parties and cooking classes, to food tours and wine tastings, you can host anything that allows meaningful connections over drinks and food. However, your experience must take place during one singular day. Find some more ideas of what you can host here.

Why host?

As an Eatwith host, you will be able to meet people from across the world, make new connections and earn money sharing your passion for food!

How do I host?

Apply to become an Eatwith host and connect to a community of travelers and locals from around the world.

Here’s a 10-step rundown on the application process.

1. Prepare your experience.

What experience would you like to create? Within the host application you'll be asked to tell us about the experience and upload photos of you as a host, the venue and your food.

We recommend that you host a demo event to take high quality pictures that you can then add to your experience. Showing smiling people enjoying the food, wine, cooking etc, is important for making a popular experience! Inspire guests with photos of other guests, show off the space you will be hosting from, the food, the table, and of course, you!

2. Visit the Become a Host page and click "Become a Host"

3. Create an Eatwith account

4. Begin creating your Eatwith application

Here you’ll describe what you plan to offer your Eatwith guests. Depending on the information and detail provided in your description, our Community Team will decide whether to approve your application straight away or if there are things missing that you'll need to add (e.g. photos, information about the experience etc.)

The application consists of two parts:

  • Your profile

  • Your draft experience - a shortened, less detailed version of the experience you plan to offer through Eatwith.

Once your application is approved, you will then be able to complete the drafted experience.

5. Submit your Eatwith application to the community team for review

Depending on the volume of applications, your application will be reviewed within a maximum of 14 business days.

Your Community Manager will be in touch to let you know if there are any missing details before approving your Eatwith host application.

6. Complete your experience once your application has been approved

You have now received an email notification from Eatwith that your experience has been approved. Hoorah! From now the Eatwith team will not review your experience again, unless you contact us (we’re always happy to help).

The next step will be to complete your drafted experience which you can find in your host dashboard. Create a title, adding more detail to your description, fill out your menu, set your payment preferences and manage your availability through your host calendar.

When creating an Eatwith experience, it is important to remember that guests will book depending on their impression of your experience page – make yourself stand out!

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7. Figure out the pricing

It’s my first experience, how much should I charge?

For your first Eatwith experience, we recommend that hosts price their initial events on the lower end. Don’t worry this is just an introductory rate, as you collect more reviews.

Learn more about pricing your experiences

Does Eatwith take a cut from my earnings?

No. Eatwith includes a 20% service fee which is paid by the guest upon booking. This is added to the amount you indicate you will charge for the experience. For example, if you have entered $20 as the price for your experience, when a guest books, they will pay $24 ($20 + $4 (20% of 20)).

8. Promote your experience

The most successful Eatwith hosts are entrepreneurs, they build their brand with the help of our platform. The Eatwith community team can provide guidance and the tools to grow your own business.

9. Host the experience

10. You've hosted your first Eatwith Event, now what?

Send a thank you note to all your guests and encourage them to leave you a review! Reviews are super important to motivate new guests to book your experience!

Upload additional photos that you took during your first event to add to your profile. Review how to perfect your experience.

11. Get paid!

Payment will be received 2 business days after your event has completed. Payment is processed by Stripe. If you have not yet received your payment, make sure all payment information and identification has been provided.

If you have any more questions reach out to us on

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