What is the cancellation policy?
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All reservations are subject to Eatwith's cancellation policy, as stated below:

  1. Guest-initiated Cancellations:

    • If a guest cancels a reservation before the event's cancellation deadline, they are eligible for full reimbursement of the reservation amount. The host will not receive any payment for the reservation in such cases.

    • If a guest cancels a reservation after the event's cancellation deadline, no return, credit, or reimbursement will be provided to the guest. The host will be paid the full amount of the booking.

  2. Cancellation Deadline:

    • The cancellation deadline for each event can be found on the checkout page before booking and also under "My Reservations" after booking.

  3. Host-initiated Cancellations:

    • In the event of a host canceling a guest's reservation, the guest will be credited with the full reservation amount paid to Eatwith.

  4. Non-Entitlement for Refunds:

    • Guest no-shows, late arrivals, and requests to modify reservation details do not qualify for a refund.

  5. Reimbursement Process:

    • Reimbursement to the guest is initiated promptly after the cancellation request and typically takes between 2 to 10+ working days to reach the guest's bank account, depending on the guest's bank processing time.

  6. Limitation of Liability:

    • Eatwith shall not be held liable for any costs, expenses, losses, or damages resulting from a host's or guest's cancellation of an event reservation.

  7. Host Reservation Chargeback:

    • Eatwith reserves the right to charge back the reservation amount received by hosts for organizing certain events if a guest complaint suggests non-compliance with Eatwith service standards or misconduct by the host, at Eatwith's sole discretion.

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