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How Do I Change My Eatwith Booking or Event Details?
How Do I Change My Eatwith Booking or Event Details?
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While making a booking on Eatwith is usually a seamless process, we understand that plans can change, and you may need to modify some details of your reservation. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to request changes to your booking or event details on Eatwith.

1. Requesting Changes Before Validation: Before your booking request is validated by the host, you have the opportunity to communicate with them and request modifications to certain event details. These changes can include the price, the number of available seats, or the scheduled time of the event. Reach out to your host through the messaging system on the Eatwith platform and clearly explain the changes you would like to make.

2. Changes After Booking Validation: Once your booking is validated and confirmed by the host, certain options for modification may become limited. At this point, you will no longer be able to adjust the event's time or price. Additionally, the number of guests cannot be decreased after validation.

3. Changing the Date or Number of Guests: If you find that you need to modify the date or the number of guests for your confirmed booking, you will need to cancel your current reservation and create a new one. While this process may seem daunting, it's straightforward, and we've outlined the steps to guide you through it:

  • Log in to your Eatwith account to access your profile.

  • Navigate to "My Reservations" and locate the booking you wish to change.

  • Cancel your existing booking for the experience.

  • Visit the desired experience again and select the new date and number of guests you prefer.

  • Proceed to book the experience with the updated details.

  • Finalize your booking and make the necessary payment.

Important Note: Before canceling your existing booking, be sure to review the cancellation policy for that specific experience. The booking card will provide information about the cancellation window and any applicable fees, if any. It's essential to understand the terms to avoid any potential charges.

Still Have Questions? If you have any questions or concerns regarding modifying your Eatwith booking, feel free to reach out to the host directly or contact our support team. We are here to assist you and ensure you have a delightful culinary experience through Eatwith.

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