Guide to Master Ballot Tools

All about the Master Ballot tools: Copy Ballot, Check List, Test Ballot, Activate Ballot

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Master Ballot Tools

These four tools are useful as you prepare, test, and get ready to activate your ballot.

They include:

  • Copy Ballot

  • Check List

  • Test Ballot

  • Activate Ballot

What each function means and why they’re important are detailed below:

Copy Ballot

Make a duplicate of a ballot that’s already created.

This is useful for saving a ballot template or if you have a similar ballot that you need to run.

To copy a ballot:

  1. Click Copy Ballot.

  2. Select the ballot name you want to duplicate.

  3. Click the button that says Copy Properties From the Above Selected Election to copy that Ballot.

  4. You will get confirmation that this was duplicated successfully; click the link generated to enter your newly copied ballot.

Check List

The Check List helps you ensure all of your ballot settings are set up correctly.

It will highlight whatever still needs to be fixed before you can activate your ballot.

To make sure a ballot is complete:

  1. Enter the ballot and click Check List.

  2. The red text lets you know what needs to be updated before you can run your vote.

Learn more about the checking your ballot for errors here.

Test Ballot

Clicking Test Ballot enters your ballot into a testing mode.

Use it to view the ballot as a voter before you activate your ballot to confirm everything shows up how you want it to.

Make sure to deactivate test mode when you are finished testing.

Read more about testing your ballot here.

Activate Ballot

Click Activate Ballot to make your vote live.

Voters will now be able to vote on this ballot (with their one click link and/or login credentials) within the timeframe you set in ballot setup.

Read more about activating your ballot here.

Next Steps

  • The Guide to Ballot Setup showcases the critical elements you need to pay attention to when setting up your ballot.

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