How do I join a company fleet?

Learn how to get set up and reimbursed by your employee

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Your employer added your car to the electric fleet platform from EEVEE Mobility. By using EEVEE, your employer will be able to overview the electric charging of the entire fleet and will be able to efficiently perform the reimbursement of the home charging. In other words, you will be reimbursed for your home charging costs!

To get started, there are a few easy steps to follow:

  1. Download the EEVEE app
    Install the free app and create an EEVEE account.
    iOS - Download in the App Store
    Android - Download in the Play Store

  2. Connect your car
    In the EEVEE app you can securely connect to your electric vehicle. After your vehicle is connected, you'll see the electric charging data from your vehicle in the EEVEE app. That is handy!

  3. Join your fleet
    Once you have connected your car, you can join the fleet from your employer. Go to the Settings menu in the EEVEE app. Click on 'Company Access' and click 'Accept'. After accepting the company access, the charging data will automatically sync with the EEVEE platform, managed by your employer.

  4. Configure your home charging location
    It is mandatory that you configure your home charging location in the EEVEE app, because your employer will reimburse you for the energy charged at your home. Learn HERE how to set up a charging location in the EEVEE app.

  5. Share your IBAN number
    Because EEVEE Mobility will pay the reimbursement directly to your personal bank account, you have to share your IBAN number. Save your IBAN nr in the EEVEE app, under Settings > Company Access

  6. Start charging! 🥳

    Once your car is connected, you are fully ready to start charging. You don't need to consider ANY other hardware: you can use ANY charging station or charging cable. Since we get the data straight from the car itself, you can forget about the rest.

We wish you all the best with your electric driving experience. And with the EEVEE app of course! 🤩 Something not working as expected? Talk to us via the chat option in settings!

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