How does the Beast app work?

Beast Rent – available on the App Store and Google Play

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Download the Beast Rent app here.

Step-by-step instructions on how to use the App:

  • Open the Beast Rent App and pick your preferred language – you can change this in the Settings afterwards.

  • Give the App access to your geolocation data to see and use nearby vehicles

  • You will be greeted with the map of your surroundings. Drag and zoom the map with your fingers to find your preferred vehicle

  • Tap on the vehicle and scroll up to learn more about your chosen vehicle

  • If you like what you see, tap “See Pricing

  • If you find a suitable Beast and want to rent it, but haven’t registered yet, you will be directed to do so now ⤦

  • You will receive a confirmation code on your phone, prompted to add your contact information and asked to read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

  • Then you will need your driver’s license and a functional payment card – With the help of Veriff we verify your driver’s license in just a few minutes and add your chosen card as the default payment method for Beast services.

  • Now go to your favorite vehicle, tap “Ride the Beast” and we will charge the deposit from your main payment method in order to start the rental. Read more about deposit details here.

  • You now have 15 minutes to get to the vehicle. The doors can be opened once you get closer to the vehicle.

  • P.S. You can cancel your rental for free within the first 5 minutes. If you wish to cancel the booking after the first 5 minutes have already passed, the cancellation fee will be deducted from your default payment method. The fee is 50% of the minimum rental cost.

  • Once you start the rental, you will see the vehicle registration number and you can flash the lights to help you locate the vehicle. You also get remote control over the vehicle’s AC.

  • You can always check out the video tutorials provided in the rental view to guide you in learning everything you need to know about your Beast

  • You can swipe up to contact customer support or cancel the booking

  • Take a look at the rest of the Beast App while you’re on your way to the Beast ⤦

  • Ride History can be found in the Main Menu to see all of your rides

  • Use Redeem Tokens to apply discount codes you have received from your friends or campaigns, these give you Beast tokens so you could win Beast Bucks!

  • Your Promo Code displays your personal discount code which you can share with friends. Please read more about the rules of getting tokens and using Beast Bucks here.

  • Take a look at the Settings for an overview of your profile, you can also change the language from there

  • FAQ section answers all of the questions that might arise regarding the service and Beast

  • Help gets you in contact with our Customer Support

  • Once you have reached your Beast, slide the button to open doors

  • Take a closer look at the vehicle inside and out, then continue by tapping No issues to Report and Everything’s good

  • Hop in the Beast, get yourself comfortable and enable Drive Mode from your app to start Beasting!

  • During an active booking you are greeted by the following tabs ⤦

  • Drive to switch on Drive Mode

  • Padlock to lock & unlock doors at any given moment

  • Plug to find the nearest chargers

  • Return to finish your rental

P.S. Beast vehicles can only be returned to designated drop-off zones shown on the map under the Return tab.

  • Returning a vehicle outside of a designated drop-off area will result in an extra fee. The exact amount is dependent on your location and will be displayed to you in a popup card (the extra fee is EUR 35 on average). Once you have received the prompt to do so, you can choose to pay the extra charges or continue your rental until you have a chance to leave the vehicle in one of the designated drop-off areas. You cannot return the vehicle outside of main operational cities.

  • You are not allowed to return a vehicle in private parking lots.

  • Once you have parked the vehicle in a suitable drop-off area, finish your rental with the Finish Rental slider.

  • Make sure you have not left any personal belongings in the vehicle before selecting No issues to report

  • Take pictures of the Beast to confirm that the vehicle has been kept damage free during your rental

  • Before leaving go through the prompted checklist, take a look at the ride overview and leave us a review of your experience! ⭐

Ride the Beast!

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