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There are two ways to send Documents for signature or other actions, such as download and/or upload.

  1. Automatically

    To send Documents out automatically at the time of enrollment, you'll need to attach the Document(s) to the program. How to attach an E-signature Document.

  2. Manually

    To send Documents out manually, after enrollment, you'll need to head over to the Documents page (Enrollees on left menu > Documents tab) and then follow the steps below:

    Step 1

    Filter by Enrollee name or Program option:

    filter enrollees to manually send e-signature documents in Enrollsy

    Step 2

    Select the Enrollee you want to send the Document(s) to:

    select enrollees to send e-signature documents to in Enrollsy

    Step 3

    Add the Document(s) to an individual Enrollee by clicking on the blue Document icon and adding the Document:

    add the e-signature document in Enrollsy

    Step 4

    Add the Document(s) to multiple Enrollees by selecting the Enrollees on the left, then clicking the plus/Document button:

    add e-signature documents to multiple enrollees in Enrollsy

    NOTE: When you manually add an E-signature Document, that Document is automatically emailed to the recipient the moment it is added. You can send reminders; learn how here.

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