How to Send out E-Signature Documents

Learn the two ways to send documents to your customers

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There are two ways to send Documents for signature or other actions, such as download and/or upload: Automatically or Manually.


To send Documents out automatically at the time of enrollment, you'll need to attach the Document(s) to the Program. See How to attach an E-signature Document for detailed steps to do that. Once the Document is attached, it will be emailed to the signer(s) automatically once they enroll in the Program the Document is attached to.


To send Documents out manually, after enrollment, you'll need to head over to the Documents page (Enrollees on left menu > Documents tab) and then follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Filter Enrollee

Filter by Enrollee name or Program option:

filter enrollees to manually send e-signature documents in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Select Enrollee

Select the Enrollee you want to send the Document(s) to:

select enrollees to send e-signature documents to in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Add Document(s)

Add the Document(s) to an individual Enrollee by clicking on the blue Document icon and adding the Document:

add the e-signature document in Enrollsy

Add the Document(s) to multiple Enrollees by selecting the Enrollees on the left, then clicking the plus/Document button:

add e-signature documents to multiple enrollees in Enrollsy

NOTE: When you manually add an E-signature Document, that Document is automatically emailed to the recipient the moment it is added. You can send reminders to Signers; learn how here.

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