How to Create an Enrollment Period

Learn how to get ready for a new year of enrollments

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If you have Enrollees who will move up to another class (for example, a two-year-old turns three and moves up to the next class), you should create additional Enrollment Periods for each enrollment year. Each one should have the year or school year.

Examples of Enrollment Periods

  • "School Year [20XX]"

  • "Summer Camp [20XX]"

  • "Private Lessons"

  • "Early Childhood Classes"

  • "Group Classes [20XX]"

How to create an Enrollment Period

To create a new Enrollment Period, go to the My Company/ Programs page and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Enrollment Period component (depending on how you name them, your component might say something different).

  2. Click the plus button in the bottom left. Give the Enrollment Period a Label or a name. See examples listed in the component.

  3. Then click Save. You will see a success message. Click the OK button. You should now see the Enrollment Period you just created.

  4. From here, you'll want to create Program Options and Programs.

  5. Depending on your setup, you may need to create Classes for each of your Programs in the new Enrollment Period.

  6. You'll also want to make sure you publish the Enrollment Period before you let people enroll.

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