How to Create a Program

Need to know the basics of creating a new Program? Here's how

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Each time you create a new Enrollment Period (or Programs/Classes within an existing Enrollment Period), you'll want to do some things before making that Enrollment Period or the Programs/Classes available for enrollment.

Enrollment Period

Program Options

Enrollment Model

  • Will pricing be determined by Days of the week or Class selection?

    • If not, you will use the Simple Pricing model.

    • If yes, you will use either the Days per week or the Classes Pricing model.

      • The Days-per-week model allows you to create rules around minimum and maximum days allowed and lets you create pricing based on those rules.

      • The Classes model allows you to:

        • Let Enrollees pick their Class or not.

        • Set pricing logic Per Class or based on # of Credits

          • Per Class lets, you decide whether Pricing is the same for each Class or not. If you choose to make Pricing different per Class, you'll have to set the pricing during Class creation.

          • # of Credits lets you decide what a Credit is called (Day, Class, Event, etc.) and enables you to set Min and Max credits and establish what they cost. These values come into play later during Class creation as you decide how many Credits a Class is worth.

  • Choose the days the Program runs (or leave blank for Classes that run on a variety of dates)


  • Is your Program free?

    • If yes, choose Free, and you're done! Click save and move on to the next step.

    • If no, does your Program collect installments, scheduled payments, and/or pay-in-full options?

      • If yes, select Fixed Cost and move to the next section.

      • If not, does your Program have repeated payments from the date of enrollment (no pay-in-full option)?

        • If yes, pick Subscription and move on to the next section.

Total Program Cost/Payment Plans

  • Decide how the Program will be priced:

    • Did you choose Fixed Cost?

      • If yes, enter the TOTAL cost of the Program.

      • Do you want Payment Plans? Choose what kind:

        • Installment Plan (total price invoiced upfront, and the balance is paid down over time)

        • Scheduled Plan (the total price is split up into payment events and is due on specific dates)

        • Subscription Plan (the price of the Program/Class is invoiced and paid on a fixed frequency that recurs from the date of enrollment)

    • Did you choose Subscription?

Enroll Form


  • Do you want this Program to be private?

  • Do you want Students to be able to cancel their Classes?

  • Do you want the Program to use a Kiosk PIN (which allows the Primary Account Holder to create a PIN within the customer portal)?

    • Are there any additional fees (Enrollment Fee, Registration Fee, Material Fee, etc.)

  • Do you need to add any Meta Data? (Metadata allows you to store information about a Program that might not otherwise be stored inside Enrollsy. This information can be used in E-Signature Documents and will come into play with future software integrations).

Click "Add" or "Save," and you have created a Program! Congratulations!

See For Yourself

If you want to see how this structure plays out in the end before you create your first Program, feel free to do a fake enrollment here.

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