How to Duplicate Programs

Save time and effort by copying your Programs or entire Enrollment Periods!

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Save time by duplicating Programs and their settings and then changing what you need to change.

Step 1 - Select Programs

Head to the Programs tab (on the Classes or My Company page). Select the Program(s) you want to copy by checking the box (or Select All at the top), then click the plus icon to duplicate the entire Program.

duplicate Programs in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Duplicate

The Program Editor will open with a message at the top indicating how many Programs you are duplicating (see the image below). If you are duplicating more than one Program, it shows what order they will be added.

duplicating Programs order in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Make Changes

Make any changes (please be aware that these changes are being made to all Programs you have selected to duplicate). Don't forget to click Add at the bottom, or the duplicated Programs will not be added!

add button on duplicating Programs in Enrollsy

NOTE: If you need to duplicate Classes and Waitlists for all Programs, you can duplicate an Enrollment Period.

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