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How to Create an Incident Report
How to Create an Incident Report

Use your current form to create an Enrollsy form to add to an Activity

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Need an Incident Report for your facility? It's simple to create one in Enrollsy so your Instructors can fill it out directly after the Incident. It will also be available on the Customer Portal immediately.

You can use your existing company Incident Report or a state form (if available in your state) as a guide to creating your own form. Here is an example Incident Report Activity Form:

incident activity form in Enrollsy

Head to Activity Forms in the My Company settings and follow these steps to create your Activity Form:

Step 1 - Add Form

Click the plus button to add a new form. Enter the Form’s title and save.

add activity form in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Add Elements

Next, click the plus button, and a list of field elements will appear. Type in your label and click on the appropriate field for the type of question you want to ask. Click Add to continue.

field elements in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Edit Field Settings

After adding the element in Field Settings, you can further customize your question. The cog beside the question also opens up these settings:

  • Click the long label format button if your question is longer than 100 characters.

  • Make your question required

  • Change the maximum characters allowed

  • Under Design, choose an icon (or keep it at the default icon shown beside each element). Type in a keyword to do a search for that type of icon:

  • Edit the width for Desktop/Tablet and Mobile (open up the Enrollsy page on a mobile phone to check if the Enroll Form is easy to read; you may have to adjust the width if some of your questions are long). Just slide the bar to adjust the width. The width is in 12 column lengths so the width can be anywhere between "1" and "12."

  • If your question is a select (either Single or Multiple), add Options. There is also an Upload button in this field where you can upload a CSV document straight into the field. See this article, "How to create a CSV file," for more information.

Step 4 - Other Info

Conditional Formatting

Add additional questions under Yes/No, Single Select, or Multiple Select questions based on a person’s answer. For example, you could add “Please describe” if the answer to “Do you have any allergies” is “Yes.”

In the Enrollsy world, this is called conditional formatting, and it’s simple to do. Click here to learn more about Conditional Logic and how to use it in Enrollsy. Here is an example where if the question "How is the student doing?" is answered with "Not Good," the follow-up question "Explain" shows.


The red trash can lets you delete a question if you mess up.

If you decide to keep the question after hitting delete, there is an "undo option that will restore the field:

Plus Sign

The plus is to duplicate a question.

Cog Icon

The cog is the settings option. Open this to adjust any field settings.


The up/down arrows move a question above/under another question.

The other arrow, the return arrow, will move a question inside another, making it a child or nested question (see conditional formatting above).

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