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About Program Creation

Understanding Locations, Enrollment Periods, and Program Settings when creating Programs

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To get started, you need to know a few things about Programs and how they are presented during the enrollment process. This article will walk you through the concepts and some preparatory steps.

Getting Started with Program Creation

First, let's make sure we're comparing apples to apples. In our lingo, a Program typically has the following:

  • Name

  • Schedule

  • Time

While Programs can vary dramatically in structure, they always organize Enrollees into distinct groupings (usually funneling down to price).

Many Programs have Classes that have a capacity indicating the total number of Enrollees they can accommodate. The word "Program" is also a label and can be changed to Plans, Trips, etc.

Understanding Program Options

With this in mind, remember that Program Options act as a series of choices that funnel the person enrolling down to a final choice. Think of them as the means of presenting all your possible options to the customer without completely overwhelming them.

NOTE: Make sure your Programs do not have the same options (especially the same name)!

Understanding Program Selection

To set your programs up correctly, it's essential to understand what options are presented to the customer during the enrollment process and in what order.

program options in Enrollsy

Two pre-set options come standard with every account.

  1. First, there is a Location option in case you have multiple locations.

    editing a location name in Enrollsy
  2. Second, there is what we call an Enrollment Period, typically used for what it sounds like but can also be used to break enrollments into other types of segments.

  3. After these first two selections, the rest of the options are 100% customizable by you within the settings section of the Program page, including how many options you present.

    Enroll Form Program Selection Process in Enrollsy

Understanding Enrollment Periods

Enrollment Periods come next. If you have only open enrollment that runs year 'round, you can get away with one Enrollment Period. If you have start and end dates for programs or classes and require people to enroll in a specific period, semester, cohort, etc., you can create as many Enrollment Periods as you'd like.

Enrollment Periods in Enrollsy

NOTE: Programs created in one Enrollment Period are not visible or available within other Enrollment Periods.

You need to know a few options when using the Enrollment Period widget.

Editing and other options for Enrollment Periods in Enrollsy

Each of the Enrollment Period options (above) is explained below:

  1. Duplicate

    This button duplicates all settings, including pricing, fees, coupon codes, billing schedules, start/end dates, proration settings, etc., into a new Enrollment period that you can then rename. Duplicating allows you to quickly and easily create a new "school year" without remembering how you had everything set up. Modify dates, fees, pricing, or anything else that has changed, and you're all set for enrollment.

  2. Archive

    Archiving allows you to put past Enrollment Periods out of your view. No data from that enrollment period is lost when it is archived. Archived Enrollment periods will not be visible to you or anyone else throughout the app except in the Archived tab, where you can unarchive them at any time.

  3. Edit

    Editing an Enrollment Period is simply renaming it.

  4. Publish/unpublish

    Unpublished Enrollment Periods are not visible on the Enroll Form. By default, newly created or duplicated Enrollment Periods are unpublished. When you are ready for them to be used, publish them.

Understanding Program Option Settings

When a new Enrollment Period gets created, you'll see a blank screen with a prompt to go to the Programs tab.

An empty Enrollment Period in Enrollsy

Or if you created the Enrollment Period from that tab, you'll see a prompt to open the Options.

Program settings page where Program Options are created in Enrollsy

Click "Open Options" or "Manage Program Options" on the Programs tab to set up the Program Options. See "How to create Program options" to continue setting up your Programs.

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