How to Create Program Options

There are many ways to create Programs in Enrollsy. This article helps you get organized and understand the best options for you company.

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First, let's make sure we're comparing apples to apples. In our lingo, a Program typically has a name, schedule, and time. While Programs can vary dramatically in structure, they always organize Enrollees into distinct groupings (usually funneling down to price).

Programs may also have a capacity indicating the total number of Enrollees they can accommodate. The word "Program" is also a label and can be changed to plans, trips, etc. Many Programs have Classes that can also have a capacity.

To get started, you need to know a few things about Programs and how they are presented during the enrollment process. This article will walk you through the concepts and some preparatory steps.

Understanding Program Selection

To set your programs up correctly, it's important to understand what options are presented to the customer during the enrollment process and in what order.

Enroll form program options

There are two pre-set options that come standard with every account.

  1. First, there is a Location option in case you have multiple locations.

  2. Second, there is what we call an Enrollment Period, which is typically used for what it sounds like but can also be used to break enrollments up into other types of segments.

  3. After these first two selections, the rest of the options are 100% customizable by you within the settings section of the Program page, including how many options you present. In the above example, the options added were a Program name and a Schedule.

With this in mind, remember that Program Options act as a series of choices that funnel the person enrolling down to a final choice. Think of them as the means of presenting all your options to the customer without completely overwhelming them.

Step 1 - Get Organized

Think about your Programs, Classes, offerings, etc. It might be helpful to answer the following key questions before you begin:

  1. What do they have in common?

  2. How are they different?

  3. Are they offered on different days?

  4. Are they offered at different times?

  5. Does the person who enrolls need to specify days and/or times?

  6. Do you let the person enrolling go all the way down to the final level (usually the class or group level), or do you have people enroll in programs more generally and then make class or group assignments?

  7. Do their selections determine specific pricing and fees?

  8. How do you currently name your programs?

Essentially, what you're trying to do is identify all the choices someone would need to make before they can complete enrollment. Once you've done that, your next job is to organize these choices into categories or options with names.

When you create the different options available within each category, you're not worried about matching them up yet. You're simply listing all the possible options within each category that are available to choose from.

Step 2 - Create Program Options

When you're ready to start adding Program Options in Enrollsy, simply open the Programs tab in the My Company settings and click the setting "Manage Program Options." Then create your first Program Option:

Creating a Program Option in Enrollsy

Once you've added a Program Option, you can now start creating the choices within it. These can be reordered by using the six dots in the upper-left corner and dragging them into the correct order.

Adding the first choice in Enrollsy

While you can add as many Program Options as you'd like, the more layers you have, the more complex enrollment will be, so try to categorize and order your Programs carefully before you get started.

NOTE: Make sure your Programs do not have the exact same options (especially the same name). If they do, one of the Programs will not show up on the Enroll Form!

If you don't get the order just right as you add the options, you can drag the white square for each Program Option using the six dots in the upper-left corner to reorder them. You have these Program Options in the order they will be presented to your customers (from left to right).

Remember, when you create the different options available within each category, you're not worried about matching them up yet. You're simply listing all the possible options within each category that are available to choose from.

Below are a few examples that hopefully help you think through your use case.


Sample Program Options for Preschools and/or Childcare

Sample Program Options for Preschools and/or Childcare


Sample Program Options for Music School

Sample Program Options for Music Schools

You can also import your Program Options if you have a CSV document. Just be sure that the FIRST column in your CSV includes the options you want to import. You will need to refresh your page for the imports to show up.

Step 3 - Visualize Options Together

At this point, you should have a fairly good idea of how this all fits together. If you're going through this as part of our series for creating programs, you understand how these options are presented to the customer. If you missed the first part of this series, you can access it here.


In summary, your Program Options might follow one of the templates above or be entirely different. Remember that just because someone makes a choice from the first set of Program Options doesn't mean they get presented with all the choices in the subsequent Program Option(s).

If you need even more detailed explanation of Program Options, see this article.

We will cover that concept in the next part, where we show you how to create a Program.

Enrollsy works for companies in a dozen or more different industries, many of which have unique setups. Do your best to follow the steps in this article, and if you need additional help, please contact us using the form below or the chat bubble in Enrollsy.

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