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How to Add Multiple Signers to an E-Signature Document
How to Add Multiple Signers to an E-Signature Document

When making a new E-signature Document, you can add as many Signers as needed

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When you create a new E-signature Document, you can add multiple signers. If you need to know how to create an E-signature Document, click here.

NOTE: Multiple signers CANNOT use the same email address per Dropbox Sign!

Click here for more information on this. At this time, you also cannot add a signer to an EXISTING E-signature Document.

Set Up Signers

set up additional signers in Enrollsy

Under "Setup," the first signer type will typically stay at "Primary Account Holder." The other options are:

  • The Secondary Account Holder field is used when you want to have more than one signer on the Document, and the second signer is the Secondary Account Holder.

  • The Enroll Form field is used if you want a second or third signer. You can choose an email field from the Enroll Form to be the email that receives the E-signature Document. See this article for how to set up an Enroll Form field.

  • Typed Email field is used to add an email, such as the director's email address, to sign off on the document first.

Add multiple signers for E-signature Documents in Enrollsy

Map Signer & Sender Fields

In the Design Editor, you must assign signature and text fields for each signer.

NOTE: At least ONE Signer field must be assigned to Signer 2.

Make sure you have a second signature field (and date) and second initial fields (if you want the second signer to initial them). Click here to learn more about the Design Editor.

signer 2 in Enrollsy Design Editor

Time to Sign

For two Signers, the system first sends the Document to the first signer's email. After the first Signer signs the Document, the system sends it to the second signer's email.

NOTE: If the same email address is used for both signers, the system will send a second email after the Customer has finished signing the Document the first time.

Once both Signers have signed the Document, an email notification will be automatically sent to BOTH Signers. It will look much like the one below. The subject line will say, "Everyone has signed [Company Name] - [Document Name]" and will come from this email address:

Remind Signers to Sign

You can check any E-Signature Documents to see if they have been signed yet. See these resources:

change signer email address in Enrollsy

NOTE: You can change the "Signer 2" by clicking the pencil edit button on the Document.

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