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How to Share Classes with Other Programs
How to Share Classes with Other Programs

How to share a Class and what happens when I share a Class

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Admins can share one or more Classes with other Programs.

What Happens When a Class is Shared

Sharing Classes means the following will happen:

  1. A new Class is added to the Program the Class is shared with. This will duplicate the shared Class and contain its settings (Capacity, times, dates, Class description, reminder emails, etc.).

  2. Capacity is SHARED between the two Class objects. For example, say you have a Class with a Capacity of 20, which is shared with another Program. The Capacity of that Class is still 20, even though it is in two Programs.

  3. Enrollments in this Class will remain, but depending on which Program you view the Class from, the Enrollees will have a shared icon next to their name. This means that while they are in the Class, the current Program you are viewing is not the Program they enrolled in.

    shared icon on class in Enrollsy
  4. The new Class will inherit the Enrollment Model the shared Class is in. See the example below.

  5. The Enrollment Model of the Program the Class is created in override settings at the Class level. For instance, you can create a Series Class within a Program with the Days per Week Enrollment Model, but on the enrollment form, the Enrollee will still pick the days of the week and not see the list of all Classes in the Series.

  6. The new Class will also inherit the Pricing of the shared Class. See the example.

  7. IMPORTANT: You cannot share a private Class with a public one, or the private Class will show up on the Enroll Form (even if a private link is used).

How to Share a Class

  1. Head over to the Class page and your list of Classes. Click on "Unshared" to share the Class.

    Clicked "Unshared" button to share Class in Enrollsy
  2. A new window will open up with a list of Programs. The Class you are sharing will be at the top with a blanked-out checkmark. Check the Program(s) you wish to share that Class with and Save.

    share a class with programs in Enrollsy
  3. The Class will now say "Shared" and will show how many Programs in parentheses it is shared with. To "unshare," click "Shared," uncheck the boxes and Save.

Shared Class Example

Enrollment Model

For example, when a Class in a Program with a Simple Enrollment Model is shared with a Program that uses the Classes (or Days of Week) Enrollment Model, the Enroll Form and the Admin view of the shared Class will use that Program's set up to display the Class.


In the same way, when a Class with a Simple model is shared with a Program with a Days per Week or Class model with pricing set per Class, the shared Class inherits that pricing structure.

This means that a Simple Enrollment model Class will have to enter pricing at the Class level if it is shared with another Class that uses the per Class pricing structure.

Below is a Class in a Program with Simple Pricing.

shared class example in Enrollsy

Below is an image of the same Class shared into a Program with Days of Week Pricing.

example shared class in Enrollsy

How to View Enrollees in a Shared Class

In Classes that are shared with another Class, the Enrollees in the shared Class will be greyed out, and a share icon will show up beside the enrolled date, as shown below:

shared class enrollees in Enrollsy

Click on the shared icon to go to the Class that is being shared to find that Enrollee:

shared class enrollees in Enrollsy

Go to this support article for how to reassign an Enrollee who is in a shared Class.

How to UnShare a Class

You have to be careful when UNsharing a Class as you don't want to unenroll any Enrollees unintentionally. Follow these steps to properly UNshare a Class:

  • Go to the Class that you originally shared to UNshare the Class

  • Click the "Shared" button then de-select the Class

  • Click "Save" and the Class will be un-shared


If you get a notification like the one below, you are trying to unshare the wrong Class (the Class that is inheriting the characteristics of the Class being shared and NOT the Class that is being shared):

NOTE: If you click "Continue" here, you will UN-ENROLL all of the listed enrollments! This CANNOT BE UNDONE!

If the Enrollee is not enrolled in another Class within the same Program, the Enrollee will be moved to the Unassigned List. If the Enrollee IS enrolled in another Class within the same Program, they will NOT show up on the Unassigned List.

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