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How to Move an Enrollee in a Shared Class
How to Move an Enrollee in a Shared Class

Learn now to reassign Enrollees who are in a shared Class

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In Classes that are shared with another Class in another Program, the Enrollees in the shared Class will be greyed out, and a share icon will show up beside the enrolled date, as shown below:

To move an Enrollee in a shared Class, click on the shared icon beside the Enrollee's name to go to the Class that is being shared to find that Enrollee:

Select the Class name (in this example, "Kids Enrichment-2"). This will take you to the Class that was shared (the original Class). You will see that the Enrollees are not greyed out and no "shared" icon is beside their name. This is how you know this is the original class.

In the original Class, you can select the Enrollee and choose to add or remove them from the Class.

If you try to move an Enrollee in the shared Class, you will see the "Reassign" button greyed out with this message: "You can only do this for enrollments from the currently selected Program," meaning that the Class is being shared from another Program. Follow the steps above to move the Enrollee.

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