You can either print or save as a PDF an auto-generated Past Due Notice for your Customers.

To complete this, head to Reports > A/R Aging Report. This is the Accounts Receivables report, which shows everyone who does NOT have a zero balance. They could have a balance due (shown in red) OR a credit (shown in green).

Step 1 - Click the Past Due Notices button on the A/R Aging Summary:

past due notices in Enrollsy

Step 2 - A new window will open where you can either send the notices to your printer OR save them as a PDF document (so you can email them), as shown below.

print as pdf past due notices in Enrollsy

NOTE: This is an auto-generated notice. Below is the text of this notice. The system will auto-fill the Customer name, the amount of their balance auto-fills, and the Company name. This message cannot currently be modified.

past due notice text in Enrollsy

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