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How to Create a Vaccine Card Activity
How to Create a Vaccine Card Activity

Enrollsy makes it easy for Admins to customize Forms and Activities

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If you need to create a Vaccine Card, follow these steps.

Create a Vaccine Card Form

Head to My Company > Forms > Activity Forms to create a new form. Click the plus button to create a new Activity Form and call it something like "Vaccine Card."

Next, add a File Upload field to the form:

Vaccine card form in Enrollsy

Create a Vaccine Card Activity

Next, create a new Activity at My Company > Activities and click the plus button to create a new Activity to keep track of the Vaccine Card form. Label the Activity "Vaccine Card" (or something similar), and enter any of the following information:

  • Add an icon (search for specific keywords, such as "needle")

  • Change the color

  • Choose who can post the Activity

  • Attach the new Vaccine Card form under "Attach Form"

activity settings in Enrollsy
activity form settings in Enrollsy

Click "Save" to save the Vaccine Form Activity.

How to Upload Vaccine Card to an Account

See this support article for how to post an Activity as an Admin user.

See this article for how Instructors log Activities.

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