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How to Create an Additional Signer field on the Enroll Form
How to Create an Additional Signer field on the Enroll Form

Here's how to set up an additional signer for an E-signature Document

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You can set up in your Enroll Form an email field that can be used for E-signature Documents.

NOTE: At this time, you cannot add an additional signer to an EXISTING E-signature Document. You will have to create a new E-signature Document.

Only ONE Enroll Form field can be used for this purpose. Also, we do not accept signatures from minors (anyone under age 18).

Create an Email Field on the Enroll Form

You can create an email field on your Enroll Form under "Primary Account Holder," "Secondary Account Holder," "Enrollee," or "Custom Fields." Add the Email Address field under your preferred section. Learn how to customize your Enroll Form here.

Example Field:

example additional signer field in Enrollsy

NOTE: You cannot put this field in a Program Form; it has to be under one of the headings in your Enroll Form.

Add Enroll Form field

Under "Setup" in the Design Editor, click the blue plus button to add a Signer. Choose the Enroll Form field, then choose your newly created email field.

additional signers in Enrollsy

Use Typed Email Field

You can also just type in an email. A good use case for this is if you need a director or administrator to sign off first, you can add their email at the top so they will be the first to receive the Document.

additional signers in Enrollsy

Check out this support article to finish setting up multiple signers.

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