How to Create an E-signature Document

Learn how to create your own Documents to send out for a signature

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Create your digital PDFs for a legally binding signature (additional fees may apply) with Enrollsy’s E-signature feature! This feature uses your Enroll Form to map fields into a

Document that Customers can fill in and sign. Here’s how!

Unlock the Feature

First, make sure that Enrollsy has unlocked this feature for you. If you want this feature and it’s not already unlocked, let us know via chat, and we’ll unlock it for you!

NOTE: E-signatures cost $2.50 per signature request. A signature request is when someone prepares a document, sends it out for someone to sign, and collects it back. Whether the request has been fully signed or partially signed, it will still be counted as one signature request transaction.

Admin Role Permission

Be sure the Admins you want access to this feature have the setting to Manage E-Signature Documents checked. To accomplish that, follow these steps:

  • Go to My Company > Users > Admin and click on the pencil icon beside the Admin user.

    Enrollsy Admin role permission assignments
  • Click on the Role field (you may have named your permissions something other than Admin).

  • Click the cog icon. Next, click the pencil icon to see the Permission list.

  • Scroll down until you see Manage E-signature Documents and check the box.

    manage E-signature documents role in Enrollsy

Now you’re ready to add your Document!

Verify Field Nicknames

Head over to My Company > Forms > Documents.

  • Under E-Signature Documents, if you haven't created an E-signature Document yet, you will see an "Add E-signature Document" button. If you have already added one, just click on the plus sign. This takes you to the Field IDs section.

  • Under Field IDs, you will see the fields from the Enroll Form Editor (where you edit your Enroll Form) on the left side. On the right are the words as you will see them in the Designer (where you place fields on the Document).

    field nicknames in Enroll Form in Enrollsy

  • Review and change any field nicknames that are not unique so that you can identify them in the Design step.

    For example, if you have “Cell Number” under Emergency Contact, it may show up on the right as “Cell Number.” Change it to "Emergency Contact 1 Cell Number" to improve your ability to identify it.

    If you want the exact wording as is on the left, click the Fill button, and it will be added to the right (you’ll see a checkmark with a circle appear). Once you have the fields as you want them, click Next.

    Enter Field Nicknames in Enrollsy

Setup Document

Now you’re at the place where you can upload a PDF document (the Document you want to be signed). Click on Upload Document to upload the Document from your computer.

Upload E-signature Document in Enrollsy

NOTE: All E-signature Documents must be in PDF form and should be 8.5x11 in size. Print the Document to a PDF to save a Word or Google Doc.

Under the Setup section enter the following information:

  • Title - On the right, put your Title (you can change this later).

  • Required At - Select whether this Document is required at the Primary Account Holder, Enrollee, or Enrollment level.

    • A Document at the Primary Account Holder level will only be required once per Primary Account Holder, regardless of how many Enrollees or Enrollments, they have in an Enrollment Period.

    • A Document at the Enrollee level will only be required once per Enrollee, regardless of how many Enrollments they have in an Enrollment Period.

    • A Document at the Enrollment level will be required each time an Enrollment happens into any program that requires it, even if they have already signed that Document.

It’s important to note that the rules above apply per Enrollment Period. Find out more details about each of these here.

  • Expiration - If applicable, you can put an expiration date (i.e., 12 months). Expirations are tracked for you and allow you to filter Documents by soon-to-expire or expired.

  • Redirect URL - You can also add a custom URL (website) to which you want those who sign to be directed when the signing process is over. The default is the Customer App home page.

  • Signers - The signer type usually stays at “Primary Account Holder/Parent.” The other options are Secondary Account Holder, Enroll Form Field, or Typed Email:

    • The Secondary Account Holder field is used when you want to have more than one signer on the Document, and the second signer is the Secondary Account Holder.

    • The Enroll form field is used if you want a second or third signer. You can choose an email field from the Enroll Form to be the email that receives the E-signature document.

    • Typed Email field is used if you need a director or other admin to sign the document.

NOTE: Multiple signers CANNOT use the same email address per Dropbox Sign!

Click here for more information on this.

Click Next to go to the next step, designing the E-signature Document. See the following support articles to continue to the next step.

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