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About the Simple Enrollment Model
About the Simple Enrollment Model

Learn about the three different cost options in the new billing system

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The Simple model applies one price to all Class enrollments in the Program. It also assumes that Classes are not selected during enrollment, but an Admin or Instructor makes assignments post-enrollment. The Simple Enrollment Model is great for quickly enrolling students into a class, without the need to provide any additional options or selections.

One example of a Simple model Program would be a preschool. Most preschools don't let parents pick a specific Class or Instructor, although they may take requests. Parents enroll and pay, and then the Director makes the Class/Instructor assignment.

Enrollment is a straightforward process. All you need to do is fill out a form, click the enroll button and you are done. All you have to include in the setup is the following:

When Program Runs

When the Program runs (days per week and/or specific dates, including a Holiday Calendar)

Pricing/Program Cost

When you create a Program, you set up a few things that shape how the Program is presented in the Enroll Form. You also get to decide the cost of the Program. There are three cost options when you create a Program with a Simple Enrollment Model:

  • Free

    Choosing this means the Program has no cost. There is nothing else to enter.

  • Fixed Cost

    Fixed Cost means there is a set cost at the time of enrollment, whether that cost is paid in full or over-scheduled or installment payments.

  • Subscription

    Subscription cost is not known in full because it is a set amount due at a certain interval until canceled (hence, no pay-in-full options). However, you can create the following types of Subscription Payment Plans:

    • Annual

    • Monthly (or every 2, 3, up to 6 months)

    • Weekly (or every 2, 3, up to 6 weeks)

    If the Subscription is weekly or monthly, you can set the first recurring payment to occur either one week/month later or on a specific day.

The Pricing that is typically used in the Simple Enrollment Model is Fixed Cost and includes the TOTAL cost for the entirety of the Program (start to finish), like such:

Total Program Cost/Charge Items

The Simple model applies one price to all enrollments in the Program. After selecting the Simple Pricing Model, you can set the Program's TOTAL cost. Here is where you add Charge Items that correspond to each of your fees.

The following are some examples of Charge Items you might have:

total program cost in Enrollsy

These fees can be optional or required at enrollment. They can also be included in Payment Plans or not. See this support article for instructions on how to create a new Charge Item.

Pay-in-Full/Payment Plans

Once you have all your costs added to the Program, you will see that Enrollsy generates a Pay-in-full plan for you. The next step is to decide if you want to add Payment Plan(s), which you can learn more about in these articles:

You can add Payment Plans (payment events) and/or Proration (enrollees can specify start dates (first prorated date); you choose the Charge Items/fees to be prorated)

See "About the Simple Enrollment Model" for more detailed instructions on setting up a Program using this model.

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