How to Charge a Deposit at Enrollment

Do you charge a fee at enrollment that needs to be credited toward tuition? Learn more about Enrollsy's Deposit option

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Do you charge a fee upon enrollment that needs to be credited towards Tuition (or another fee) at a later date? This is called a "Deposit" in Enrollsy. Here's more:

What is a Deposit?

While people use the word "Deposit' in different ways, we've noticed the majority of our clients use Deposits to collect a payment at enrollment as a payment against a future balance due.

NOTE: Only one Deposit Item is allowed per Company!

How to Create a Deposit Charge Item

Follow these steps to create a Deposit to be charged at enrollment:

Step 1 - New Charge Item

Head to My Company page > Items page. Beside "Charge Items," click the blue plus button to create a new Charge Item.

Step 2 - Enter Label

Enter the label called Deposit or Tuition Deposit or whatever you want it to be called.

Step 3 - Choose Options

Select the applicable options:

  • Type (Standard Fee)

  • Required (Required at enrollment or Optional at enrollment)

  • Quantity (Quantity is/is not specified)

Under Payment Plans, choose "Due at Enrollment" for the Deposit option to appear:

Click "Yes" next to the option Deposit and do the following:

  • Decide which Charge Item the Deposit is going to apply a credit toward.

    deposit charge item settings in Enrollsy
  • Choose the Discount Item the credit will be applied as

deposit charge item settings in Enrollsy

Step 4 - How Deposits Work Inside Payment Plans

  • Scheduled Payment Plans - In a Scheduled Payment Plan, you can apply a Deposit to the first invoice, the last invoice, or evenly across all future invoices.

    deposit charge item settings in Enrollsy

  • Installment Payment Plans - In an Installment Payment Plan, the Deposit will always be evenly applied across future invoices.

  • Subscription Payment Plan - In a Subscription Payment Plan, the Deposit will be a regular Charge Item and will not work as a deposit.

Deposit Example:

You have a Deposit of $200 that is due at enrollment. This Deposit is set up so that a credit will be applied toward the Charge Item called "Tuition." This credit will be applied using the Discount Item called "Deposit" and will be applied to the FIRST Invoice.

How to Set Up a Deposit on a Program

Pricing Section

In the Pricing section of the Program, under "What is the total Program cost?" add the Deposit Charge Item and the corresponding Charge Item.

The Deposit amount (in this example, $200) will be credited towards the Charge Item "Tuition" charged at enrollment or on a future date as part of a Payment Plan. The credit will apply as "Deposit" (the Discount Item name).

Payment Plans

Click "Add/Remove Payment Plan" to add or create a Payment Plan. In the Payment Events section, the text tells you that if the Deposit is charged at enrollment, that Deposit amount will credit toward this Charge Item in the form of "Deposit."

In the "Due At Enrollment" section, the Deposit amount will credit toward the specific Charge item charged at enrollment or on a future date as part of a Payment Plan. The credit will apply in the form of "Deposit."

NOTE: The ACTUAL Deposit amount will NOT show on the admin side in the Payment Plan section. You will have to do a test enrollment to see the Deposit being credited.

Click Save to save the Program

NOTE on "Returning Customer Discounts" on Payment Plans:

If you offer a "Returning Student Discount" (a Discount applied when the person enrolling uses an email address already on file), and apply it to a Charge Item that is on a future Payment Plan, there is a current glitch in the system where it will think the new Customer is a returning Customer as they already have an Account in Enrollsy at the time the Invoice is generated. This will not currently work.

Do a Test Enrollment

Do a test enrollment to ensure that the Deposit is coming out the way you want it to. There are various test methods; see this support article for detailed instructions.

Under Plan Costs, you will see where the Deposit will be credited. In this example, the Deposit will be credited toward the FIRST Invoice.

deposits on enroll form in Enrollsy

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