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How to Set Up Charge Items in Payment Plans ONLY
How to Set Up Charge Items in Payment Plans ONLY

Learn how to manually enter Charge Items that work only on Payment Plans (not on Pay-in-Full)

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Whether you have Program or Class pricing, there are times when you have a Charge Item that only needs to be on a Payment Plan and NOT on the Pay-in-Full option. For example, an Admin fee that only applies to Payment Plans. Here is how you set up that Charge Item.

Charge Item Settings

On the Items page, add a new Charge Item. Leave all defaults selected and click Save to save the Charge Item.

Program Settings

Under the Program settings > Pricing section > Payment Plans, click on the pencil beside the Payment Plan.

Change the setting to "Manually set pricing," then re-enter the Payment event pricing under "Scheduled Payments" (clicking "Reuse" to copy the same pricing to each payment event).

  • If the Charge Item (i.e., "Admin Fee") is due at enrollment (when a person first enrolls), then add it under "Due at Enrollment."

  • If the Charge Item is due at the next payment event, add it under "Scheduled Payments."

Click "Apply" to apply all changes. Then click Save to save all changes.

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