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How to Add Images to Program Browse
How to Add Images to Program Browse

Follow these steps to add a photo to your Programs

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Enrollsy makes it easy to add images to a Program that will show up on the Browse page. Images can be added ONLY to the FIRST Program Option. Follow these steps to add an image to the Program:

Step 1 - Programs Page

Head over to the Programs page. Be sure you are in the correct Enrollment Period.

Step 2 - Program Options

Select "Manage Program Options" and find the Program Name in the list. Click on the outlined pencil icon to edit or delete the individual names underneath the Program Option.

NOTE: Make sure your Programs do not have the SAME options (especially the same name)!

Step 3 - Add Image

Click "Upload Image" to upload an image. NOTE: Photo must be in PNG or JPG format. Click save once you have uploaded the image.

Step 4 - Preview Image

You can preview how the image will look by selecting "Enroll" in the left menu and clicking on the Browse tab.

Select the Program Name in the filters and you will see your photo. This is how the Program Option image will look for this Program (Private Tutoring) on the Browse page:

NOTE: The image will always be in a square shape. You may have to edit your image before uploading it to make sure it fits this shape.

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