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How to Post a Transaction to Multiple Accounts
How to Post a Transaction to Multiple Accounts

Enter Invoices and Credits to more than one Account at at time

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If you need to create multiple Invoices (Charges), post Credits, or collect Payments for multiple Accounts, you can do that! There are two ways to get to where you can post a Transaction:

  1. Enrollees Table - Select the Enrollees from the list then click on the "Post Transaction" button that appears on the right

  2. Post Transactions Button - click the Plus [+] sign beside "Invoices" in the left menu.

Follow these steps to complete the Transaction:

Step 1 - Post Transaction

First of all, choose which type of Transaction you want from the list. Only Create Invoices and Post Credits allow for more than one Account to be selected:

Step 2 - Enter Accounts

Next, enter the Accounts by searching for them in the search bar. You can search by Enrollee name, Primary Account Holder name, or Primary Account Holder email address. Select the name for it to be added. Click "Add another Account" to add another one.

You can create an Invoice for a specific enrollment under an Account as well. Just select the option, choose the enrollment from the list, and click "Add."

You can also clear or delete one by clicking the "X" or choosing "Clear all" to delete all Accounts listed.

Change the number of rows to view more. Click Next to continue.

Step 3 - Create Invoice/Post Credit

Create Invoice

If you are creating Invoices enter the following information:

  • Schedule Invoice Due Date (automatically schedules the Invoices for "tomorrow") - Choose another date from a calendar view.

  • Invoice # - Use the auto-generated Invoice numbers or enter your own.

Post Credit

If you are posting Credits enter the credit amount to apply beside each Account or select "Set all to..." to set all amounts to the same amount.

Step 4 - Set up Transaction & Post

The next section is where you actually set up the Transaction.

  • When creating Invoices, this is where you enter the Charge amount and any Credits (optional). NOTE: The Charge and Credits will be the SAME for each Account.

  • When posting Credits, this is where you choose the Credit Item name.

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