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How to Cancel a Class as an Admin
How to Cancel a Class as an Admin

Learn what you need to do to cancel a Class with/without Enrollments

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Sometimes you will need to cancel a Class as an Admin. If you want to have your Enrollees and/or Account Holders be able to cancel a Class, see this support article.

NOTE: Account Holders/Customers CANNOT cancel a Class on the same day! Classes can only be canceled one or more days in advance.

Here are the steps you need to take to successfully cancel a Class:

Step 1 - Move Enrollees

First of all, if your Class has current Enrollees in it, you will need to move them. How you do this will depend on the Enrollment Model your Program/Class is set up in. See this support article for detailed steps on moving Enrollees to the Unassigned List then re-enrolling them.

Step 2 - Change Capacity/Delete Class

After moving any current Enrollees, to close the Class to any further enrollments, you will need to change the Class Capacity. If you no longer need the Class at all, you can delete it.

Step 3 - Refund Class Fees

The last step is to decide if those who enrolled need to be refunded for any fees. If they paid by cash or check, see how to refund them here. If they paid by ACH or credit card, find out how to refund here.

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