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How to View Who Has (or Doesn't Have) a Payment Plan
How to View Who Has (or Doesn't Have) a Payment Plan

Use the Enrollees Table to filter by Payment Plan name or type

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Enrollee Table Custom Report

To easily view and create a report of who has (or doesn't have) a Payment Plan, head to the Enrollee Table page and follow these steps:

Step 1 - Choose Payment Plan Column(s)

Select the Columns button to open a drawer that allows you to manage columns and column orders.

The default tab is the SHOW / HIDE tab when the drawer opens. You can show or hide four categories of fields using a "Select all" check box or selecting them one at a time.

Under the "Enrollment" category, select one or both options for Payment Plans:

Payment Plan Type

The Payment Plan Type can be one of the following:

  • None (means there is no Payment Plan attached to the enrollment/class)

    • This could happen under a few scenarios worth mentioning:

      1. The enrollment is Free

      2. The enrollment was paid in full at enrollment

      3. An Admin deletes a Payment Plan after enrollment

      4. An Admin re-enrolls someone and fails to add another Payment Plan to their new enrollment

  • Scheduled (most common)

  • Installment

  • Subscription

Another scenario worth mentioning is if an Admin does a manual enrollment and unselects all Charge Items. This enrollment will result in a payment plan (one of the three listed below), but until the admin adds Charge Items to the payment plan, the plan is essentially just a name with no invoicing.

Payment Plan Name

The Payment Plan Name is whatever name you gave the Payment Plan. For example:

  • 1st Monthly

  • 15th Monthly

  • Scheduled

  • Equal Installments

  • Monthly Subscription

Step 2 - Reorder Columns

If you need to reorder the columns, switch to the Reorder tab and drag them up or down.

Then click Done to make your changes take effect.

Step 3 - Filter

Filters are powerful ways to refine your dataset further. Under Payment Plans, choose one or more specific Payment Plan types (scheduled, installment, or subscription) or one or more specific Payment Plans by name.

Step 4 - Save as a View

Views are the filter and column preferences you set, which populate the Enrollees Table with the data you want to see, download, or take other actions.

To create a Saved View, after choosing your preferred columns and applying filters, click the Views button. Then select the Save View button at the bottom of the drawer that slides over. Give your view a name and click Save.

Naming and saving a View in Enrollsy's Enrollees Table

To load a Saved View, click the Views button and select the Saved View you want. See How to create Saved Views on the Enrollee Table for more details.

Step 5 - Print Or Export Report

Once you have all your data prepared as you want it, you can print or export it. To achieve this, select the records you wish to include (using the Select all checkbox or individual checkboxes to the left of the table) and then click the download or print icon.

Check the box at the top to select all, OR check the box(es) next to the rows you want to export.

NOTE: Make sure you page through if you have a list of more than 100 and need to select all. You will be able to click select all on each page of the table until you see the correct total selected in the little bubble at the top.

Invoices Page

You can also see who is on a Payment Plan on the Invoices page. Choose which type of Invoice you want to view:

  • Current Invoices - Shows current invoices with the current Payment Plan

  • Paid Invoices - Shows any paid invoices/past Payment Plan(s)

  • Future Invoices - Shows any future invoices with a Payment Plan

Be sure you have selected the appropriate Location in the top right and the date range.

Click on the Primary Account Holder's name to go to the Account Billing page to view more information on the Payment Plan (amounts and due dates). NOTE: This page does not show who is NOT on a Payment Plan.

Invalid Payment Plan Notification

You can also see how many invalid payment plans you have by viewing the notification in the top right corner of Enrollsy, letting you know there is a Payment Plan that requires your attention.

When you change someone's Enrollment (re-enrolling into another Program, re-assigning to another Class or the Unassigned list, etc.), the original Payment Plan becomes invalid. While we have intentions to automate (or sem-automate) this in the future, for now, changing Enrollments requires additional effort to ensure everything works as expected for those selected a Payment Plan at the time of enrollment.

Find out more here.

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