Fixing an Invalid Payment Plan

How to fix a Payment Plan after you modify and Enrollment

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When you change someone's Enrollment (re-enrolling into another Program, re-assigning to another Class or the Unassigned list, etc.), the original Payment Plan becomes invalid. While we have intentions to automate (or semiautomate) this in the future, for now, changing Enrollments requires additional effort to ensure everything works as expected for those who selected a Payment Plan at the time of enrollment.

Changes to enrollments trigger an alert in the top right corner of Enrollsy, letting you know there is a Payment Plan that requires your attention.

Clicking this button will open a drawer where you can click on the Account Holder and view their billing tab, where you will be able to locate the Invalid Payment Plan(s).

Since changes were made to the Enrollment, you can decide to either delete the Payment Plan and create a new one (if desired) or you can assign the Payment Plan to the current Program or Class for the enrollment.

To delete the Payment Plan, you can click the delete button in the warning paragraph:

To assign the Payment Plan to the current Program or Class you can click the assign button in the warning paragraph and at the top of the drawer, select to assign the Payment Plan to the Program level or a current Class.

You can of course edit a Payment Plan (change pricing, add discounts, or change payment event dates) after assigning it.

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